Filmed at Folkington Manor

Folkington Manor is well accustomed to hosting film and photographic crews, being easily accessible for vehicles, with facilities for dressing rooms, green rooms and kitchens.

For exterior shoots, the grounds cover 85 acres of fields, lakes and woodland, including boxed gardens, lakes and a sunken amphi-theatre. With direct access to the rolling hills of the South Downs behind, the choice for outdoor locations is endless.

For interior use, the stables are a characterful space with twenty classic horse boxes. Whilst the Flint Halls are easily rigged for all variety of uses, including music recordings, dance and rehearsal spaces.

Folkington Manor first appeared on the silver screen in 1943 as the setting for the feature film of Ester Waters, starring Dirk Bogarde and Kathleen Turner. More recently Folkington Manor was the 'Pet School HQ' for the ITV series 'Teach my Pet how to do that' hosted by Alexander Armstrong.

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